Legal services

OUR LAWYERS are available to help you with free confidential legal advice, representation and referrals. If you think you have a legal problem that’s not been covered to the list above, please call one of our offices to see if we can help.

Intervention Orders

Making an application to the Magistrates’ Court for an intervention order to prevent a perpetrator from harming you with physical, emotional, verbal or financial abuse i.e. an order aims to prevent a person from coming near you, your house or your children. Even when police assist you by taking out an interim intervention order, we recommend that you get your own legal advice as soon as possible.
We can also assist you with making applications in the Magistrates Court to change the conditions of an Intervention Order that has already been issued.

Child Protection matters

Families SA involvement with your family in relation to:

  • Families SA making an assessment of your children’s safety
  • Placing children with another family member
  • Asking you to sign an agreement that you will do certain things to protect your children
  • Applications to the Youth Court where children are assessed as being at risk of harm or when Families SA asks for orders to be extended
  • Challenging Families SA care plan decisions

Please note: In relation to child protection matters, it is extremely important, and in your best interests, to get legal advice as soon as Families SA make contact with you.

Family Law

Family Law in relation to:

  • Making parenting plans that ensure the safety of your children;
  • Recovering your children if they have been taken away by your ex-partner or a family member;
  • Assisting at mediation to ensure that the agreement reached is safe for you and your children.
  • Assisting in settling all your financial affairs after you separate;
  • Helping you deal with the Child Support Agency;
  • Representing you in the Federal Circuit Court or the Family Court in relation to applications for parenting orders, property orders or your divorce application.
  • Dealing with debts and creditors after you flee a family violence situation
  • Reporting family violence and sexual assaults to the police.
  • Applying for victims of crime compensation
  • Making an application for victims of crime compensation, if you have been the victim of a crime
  • In some cases, Victims Services or the Commissioner for Victims Rights can assist with urgent expenses assistance to ensure you are safe.
  • Personal injury or ‘civil’ claims will be referred to private solicitors.
  • Advocating for you in relation to criminal cases for crimes committed against you.
  • Complaints about police in relation to their obligations to act in family violence matters.

If you think you have a legal problem that’s not been covered in the list above, please call one of our offices to see if we can help.

There is a message bank service for calls received after operating hours. Please leave a message and your phone call will be returned as soon as possible.